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By Matt Holland May 12, 2022


The idea of a crossover endeavour between the Studio Voice class in the Professional Theatre Department and the SPACE website, under the auspices of Arts and Science, came from theatre student, Nathan McDonald, who thought it would be interesting, instructive and fun to have students record readings of articles, essays, short stories and poems extracted from the site and post them as accompanying mini audiobooks. The Studio Voice students received a briefing, courtesy of Professor Andrew Katz of the Department of English, and set about choosing a text to record.  

The recordings themselves went smoothly and the students learned how to pace themselves and manage a verbal stumble or two, which could later be edited out. It was fascinating to see which material each performer gravitated towards; there was a great variety in the poems and short stories, but also in the essays, which covered feminism, environmentalism, even “clicktivism”. The assignment also inspired some students to write and record their own work, which is an ideal outcome for a fledgling project such as this, which seeks to honour good writing and showcase promising voice talent all while enhancing the experience for the reader. 

Thank you, Nathan, and thank you, Andrew, for helping to broaden our creative horizons. 

—Matt Holland, instructor, Studio Voice  



Bricolage read by Chaz Heritage



What is a Perspective read by Clara Costa 



Golden Silk Bird read by Daniel Wan 





Levelling Up Our Vocabulary read by Dawson Barman Tao

Off the Hollow Stem read by Dawson Barman Tao









Strength or Fear read by Elaëlle Côté











Bus Stop Daydream read by Emilie Rachel Rivera Valladares









Dusk and Dawn read by Erika







Women in STEM read by Gabriela Guerrero-Escalona




A Dream I Had a Dream When I Was Wide Awake read by Jeanne Potvin







From Zero to Infinity and Back Again read by Justin Côté





Tree Hugger read by Luigi Tiberio







Cottage Core and Consequences read by Max Taffert




Is Clicktivism Really Activism read by Nathan McDonald






Life is Like Water written and read by Nora Rahaman





A Snowglobe read by Sebastian Quintero

Self Appointed read by Sebastian Quintero




A Dog Story read by Shauna Caron




 Breach of Routine read by Tyler Philion




A Lady Alone read by Megan Lavalle


Life is a Starbucks Coffee read by Megan Lavalle


Move On read by Megan Lavalle



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