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  • Scrolling_through_610

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    Scrolling through a MuseumOlivia Integlia•December 22, 2020

    Is a virtual museum still a real museum?

  • Today_my_glass_610_310

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    Today My Glass ShatteredAnthony Tapia Ancinez•November 5, 2020

    A response to the tragic explosion that occurred August 4, 2020 in Beirut, Lebanon. (fiction)

  • Bringing_Feelings_Home_610

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    Bringing the Feelings HomeBenjamin Wexler•October 22, 2020

    Three mental health professionals discuss their shift to telehealth.

  • Reclaiming_our_school_610

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    RECLAIMING OUR SCHOOL, ONE PLANT AT A TIMELeana Ramirez •October 13, 2020

    An interview with Jennifer de Vera about what the Dawson Gardens symbolize for our community.

  • Absence_of_Periph2_610

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    The Absence of PeripheryYaani Dinu Mahapatuna •October 6, 2020

    An interview with Micheline Chevrier and Cristina Cugliandro of Montreal’s IMAGO theatre, exploring the peripheral liveliness at the heart of theatre.

  • Rooms__610_310

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    RoomsAda Santavy •September 7, 2020

    A Dawson graduate meditates on the classroom—both the pre-pandemic physical space and the current virtual one—and offers a note of reassurance to Dawson students.

  • Space_s_610_310

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    Space s Theme PosterAmara Burnett; Miranda Clarke; Emily Nickerson; Christopher Olson; Karen Senneron; Billy Mann Velicaria•June 10, 2020

    Prototypes and reflections on illustrations for the 2019/2020 S.P.AC.E. theme poster.

  • Mental_Health_610


    Mental Health in the Time of COVID-19Olavo de Macedo Collins •April 16, 2020

    In response to the global pandemic, mental health professionals have been offering techniques to help people cope.

  • deroy_mathieu_renaissance_woman_610


    Renaissance WomanAnouk Arseneau•March 25, 2020

    An interview with Gesche Peters, History Professor at Dawson College.

  • jolin-campos_fabiana_Skam_610


    SkamJames Stewart•March 12, 2020

    How a Norwegian TV show became loved by fans worldwide.

  • gilbo_uliana_Particle_Knowlwdge_610


    Particle KnowledgeRomy Surprenant•March 9, 2020

    Can you feel the rhythm of existence?

  • esperanza_francis_APioneerForPublicHealth_310


    A Pioneer for Public Health  Nadia Trudel•March 9, 2020

    Sara Josephine Baker and the Impact of Health Education and Community Outreach in the 19th century.

  • Dussan_Jean-Pierre_Fishy_610


    FishyYaani Dinu Mahapatuna•March 9, 2020

    The ancient roots of ketchup.

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