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  • times-of-turbulence_870x440Play


    In Times Of TurbulencePhilip Smart • Jan 17, 2022

    How one student turned to photography to cope with lockdown (video).

  • Zero_infinity_610


    Zero: to Infinity and Back AgainMai-Thi Ho • Dec 9, 2021

    When humanity takes on the physical laws of the universe, who will emerge triumphant? (fiction)

  • Hamiltion_Margaret_610


    Women in STEMGesche Peters • Dec 7, 2021

    A poster project to raise the profile of noteworthy female scientists and normalize the presence of women scientists and inventors. 

  • Erasure_Poetry_610


    Erasure Poetry ProjectKate Hall • Nov 25, 2021

    Texts given a new life (erasure poems)

  • Najafi_Ziarani_Soniya_610


    Breach of RoutineSoniya Najafi Ziarani • Nov 19, 2021

    A Dawson student recalls her immigration journey as a young girl (memoir)

  • City_Critters_610


    City Critters: Animal Reactions to Urban ExpansionElliana Tomasso • Oct 26, 2021

    Urban expansion is having a profound impact on the natural world. Could urban green spaces be part of the solution?

  • I_want_my_baby_610-2


    I Want My Baby to be BlackKristine Dade • Oct 26, 2021

    Some cars have their own identity. My baby is one of them. (poem)

  • Intersections_theme_poster_610


    INTERSECTIONS Theme posterCaitlann Allan, Marilou Choquette, Mathieu Deroy, Layloo Lapierre, Viviane Tran-Le, Evy Voyatzis • Jun 15, 2021

    Prototypes and reflections on illustrations for the 2021/2022 INTERSECTIONS theme poster.

  • Crick_The_Self_Appointed_610

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    Self-AppointedAspen Crick • May 20, 2021

    Love has its limits (poem).

  • McQueen_Cottagecore_610

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    Cottagecore and ConsequencesEmily McQueen • May 20, 2021

    Real Hermits don’t have Pinterest (short story).

  • Doubles_610

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    DoublesAriane Quash • May 20, 2021

    Sometimes great food is the one thing we can all agree on (personal essay).

  • Barbusci_Golden_Silk_Bird_610

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    Golden Silk BirdTina Barbusci • May 20, 2021

    Kite flying after dark (poem).

  • Dog_Story_610

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    A Dog StoryMia Kennedy • May 6, 2021

    Old dogs suffer to survive (short story).

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