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Teaching and Learning Resources

The resources published in this section of the website are designed to support teaching and learning activities of a SPACE learning community, including students enrolled in the SPACE: Arts and Sciences Certificate, in and out of the classroom. Additionally they are open access for use by teachers, facilitators and others interested in STEAM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics), STS (Science, Technology and Society) and related themes in education.

Tools, methods, and examples that help students in developing 21st century skills are supplemented with instructions for guiding or adapting learning activities. After an initial release in Fall 2022, these resources, developed by SPACE Fellows will be tested, iterated and added to over time. To find out more about the use of these resources, to be informed about upcoming related workshops and/or the release of future content, use the form below to get in touch with SPACE.

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Use the form below for any general inquiries about the SPACE resources listed in this section and/or to indicate your interest in being informed of workshops on their use as well as the release of new resource content.

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