SPACE Writing Contest

S.P.A.C.E. is excited to be hosting again in 2020-2021 its third annual writing competition. Students from every discipline across the College are invited to submit writing that encourages reflection on this year’s S.P.A.C.E. theme: space s. Students can submit in one or more of three categories—prose (fiction or creative non-fiction), poetry, and essay.

Prizes will be awarded! To learn more, follow this link.

2020/2021 theme: space s

Spaces are filled with potential. They separate things from each other, everything from planets to atoms to cells to plants to animals to people to families to communities to socio-economic classes to political groups to nations to ideas to data points to dates on a timeline to musical notes to dabs of paint to dancers to actors to breaths to words to letters—as in the theme title space s—to all other conceivable things. And yet, these separations do not generate a void; rather, they create openings that spark activity—attention, association, connection, investigation, dialogue, exchange, collaboration, innovation, creativity, transmission, transgression and care, to name just a few such forms. Even at the smallest scales, when observing empty spaces of the quantum realm, scientists still detect a minute seething of particles. As Aristotle once postulated, nature abhors a vacuum.   Read More…