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SPACE: Arts and Sciences Certificate
Student Information

The SPACE: Arts and Sciences Certificate is launching in 2021-22. Learn more about how Dawson certificates work here. Updated information about ongoing SPACE Learning Community activities, coursework, and capstone project options for certificate students will be found at the linked entries below.

How to enroll in the certificate

To enroll follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the MyDawson Portal.
  2. Select “Certificates of Study” from the menu bar on the left-hand side.
  3. Choose enroll in a new Dawson Certificate of Study
  4. Select “SPACE: Arts and Sciences Certificate” from the drop-down menu
  5. Check the box to confirm your enrollment
  6. Select the submit button
  7. When you next select “Certificates of Study” from the menu bar in the MyDawson Portal you will be able to view all the certificates that you are currently enrolled in.

Learning is grounded
in the curriculum and the disciplines,
and it continues
beyond them.
Explore, interact, discover, evolve.

Certificate Activities

  • IS_2022_what_if_AI_generated_style

    Workshop: SPACE Independent Projects Joel Trudeau • Nov 29, 2022

    In this workshop we will explore ongoing and new opportunities for student project participation. 

  • WhatIf_banner_1400

    Certificate Day 2022 November 11, 2022

    Visit the SPACE team in the Upper Atrium on Certificates Day, Tuesesday, November 15, 2022 where you’ll be able to get more information.

  • WhatIf_banner_1400

    SPACE Writing Contest Workshop November 2, 2022

    Are you interested in submitting a piece for the annual SPACE Writing Contest? Sign up for this workshop to receive feedback and support for your submission. 

  • certday-Fall2022-volunteer2

    Certificate Day Fall 2022 Volunteer November 2, 2022

    Volunteer to help out with Dawson's Certficate Day. Promote the SPACE certificate and interact witgh your peers for 2 credits.

  • ArduinoF2022-workshops-870x440

    Arduino Workshops Joel Trudeau • Oct 14, 2022

    In a series of workshops students will be introduced to the basics of the Arduino platform for STEAM projects.

  • Museum_research_outings

    Museum Research with Outings September 22, 2022

    Museum research with three museum outings.

  • NASAworkshop-870x440

    NASA workshop May 25, 2022

    Get involved with a NASA-sponsored workshop by doing research in 2022-2023.

  • planetarium_870x440

    Planetarium Visit May 9, 2022

    Planetarium outing on Monday, May 16 at 1:00 pm for SPACE students.

  • standouglas_870

    Stan Douglas: Revealing Narratives Exhibition Talk April 27, 2022

    Kim Johnson, Phi Foundation educator, discusses the Stan Douglas: Revealing Narratives exhibition.

  • Intersections_writing_contest_banner_870

    Attendants for the SPACE Showcase 2022: Intersections  April 25, 2022

    Volunteer to be an attendant during SPACEweek at the SPACE Showcase in 3C.1

  • Karen_Tam_870_440

    Karen Tam Artist Talk April 6, 2022

    Karen Tam, Dawson alumnus, curator and interdisciplinary artist.

  • Arts_of_One_World_870

    The Arts of One World February 8, 2022

    Montreal Museum of Fine Arts visit: The Arts of One World

  • Science_fiction_prototyping_870

    Science Fiction Prototyping: Problem Solving and Story Values February 8, 2022

    A talk about speculative solutions to contemporary issues, and possible alternative futures.

  • Phi_Foundation_870_440

    Interconnections November 18, 2021

    Marie-Hélène Lemaire from the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art will be discussing the theme of Interconnections in the exhibition A Steep Path by artist Jamilah Sabur.

  • DawsonRobotics870X440

    Dawson Robotics October 20, 2021

    Are you interested in exploring the world of robotics? Join the Dawson Robotics team!

  • McGill_Hackathon_2021-870x440

    McGill Physics Hackathon Joel Trudeau • Oct 9, 2021

    For any student interested in this year’s virtual McGill Physics Hackathon. 

  • Phi_theInfinite_870x440

    Phi Centre: The Infinite October 8, 2021

    A visit to the Phi Centre for a VR experience: The Infinite. "As close to space as you can get."


    SPACE 365: Make Things That Matter Joel Trudeau • Aug 15, 2021

    SPACE365: Make Things That Matter is a complementary course offered in the Winter 2022 semester open to all students. Students run self-directed projects generated from their own interests that link contemporary issues