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SPACE is a student enrichment initiative that nurtures exploration, discussion, and collaboration beyond the classroom and across the disciplines. SPACE facilitates individual and group projects, and hosts a web magazine, exhibitions and special live events that are open to the entire Dawson College community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and retirees, as well as to guests in the broader community. Through these venues, SPACE offers a forum for discussing and sharing undertakings of any kind, which may include work done in class or for a comprehensive examination, but which may also include independent explorations that deepen and/or broaden understanding. SPACE encourages participants to take their education further, beyond assessment, to continue to make new connections, between information and ideas as well as between individuals and their community. In the process of discussing and sharing their work, SPACE participants also receive guidance, mentorship and feedback from both their peers and faculty. Our world today includes many areas of common interest and concern that require the rigour, creativity, initiative and collaboration of many people across disciplinary boundaries. SPACE aims to foster an environment where this energy of exploration, innovation and cooperation can thrive.

Learning is grounded
in the curriculum and the disciplines,
and it continues
beyond them.
Explore, interact, discover, evolve.
SPACE: Sciences Participating with Arts and Culture in Education