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By Matt Holland May 16, 2024


The third iteration of this crossover endeavour between the Studio Voice class in the Professional Theatre Department and SPACE, under the auspices of Arts and Science, was another success. Professor Andrew Katz of the Department of English provided an overview to the two groups of theatre students, they then went about exploring the SPACE website for articles, essays, short stories and poems to record; the idea being that the recordings accompany the publications as mini audiobooks. 

The 21 recordings were conducted in late February and early March in the studio in 5E.1. Once again, there was a great variety in the poems, short stories, and essays, despite the fact that there were a few repeats from last year’s material (though different voices and interpretations) and a few recordings of the same selections. It shows that many of these pieces speak to a wide range of readers, and the recordings seek to reflect that to the listener. 

Thanks again to Andrew for facilitating this collaboration, which manages to be both fun and fruitful, and thank you to Ursula Sommerer for her invaluable technical help. 


—Matt Holland, instructor, Studio Voice 

Number 91 read by Bram Lackman-Mincoff


Cottagecore read by Carmen Wile


Mate of the Moon read by Claudine Laliberté


Zero- To Infinity and Back Again read by Dalia Leblay


Bus Stop Daydream read by Emma Evers


Plastic Love read by Emmanuela Idjidina



Transfixed: A Horror Story read by Erika Labidez


Life is Like Water read by Frances Bisaillon


Activism and Other Uses for AR read by Gabriel Larin-Bergeron


I Pick up Songs Quickly read by Griphon Hobby


A Snow Globe read by Kevin Raymond


Aerial Mazes read by Louna Janin


Within the Snow Globe read by Marina Ihring


Insecurities read by Noah Yusoh


What I See read by Precilia Sakkal


Plastic Love read by Rachel Bruder-Wexler


A Festering of Hidden Messages read by Samantha Antioco


A Dog Story read by Sarah Jeanne Aucoin


Within the Snow Globe read by Scarlett Harvey


The Model and the Reality read by Seamus Brian Holmes


I Want To Be read by Tina Shantyaei


Activism and other Uses for AR read by Ty Clarke


An Opportunity for a New Perspective read by William McKenzie


Echo read by Zion Arellano















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