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By Maria Melina Tomizzi May 14, 2019

What I See

Illustrated by Jenna Corpuz

Lilies have bloomed, 

sprung up like a child reaching out

for something just beyond her fingertips,

reviving what was a desolate garden

within me. 


And a serene light now seems to encompass my days

that were once burdened by insufferable darkness. 

For even when you are not around,

the mere recollection of your smile is enough 

to inspire an early spring. 


Your laugh, although high-pitched and always

sounding the slightest-bit condescending,

is to me a warm, harmonious tune

to which I wish to dance, and 

I don’t dance. 


And the arch of your back is a terrain 

yet unexplored, both strong and fragile,

as if concealed within you are the intricacies of a universe

that I long to unveil through

tender means. 


Because everything you are inspires

the world to be good in response. Now,

feelings are truer, sunlight shines brighter,

and the flowers are undoubtedly more fragrant. 

        If only you weren’t allergic. 

        If only you saw what I see. 

About the author

Maria Melina Tomizzi is a 2nd year student in Arts and Culture.

About the illustrator

Jenna Corpuz is a first year Illustration student.

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