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By Amanda Routtenberg December 3, 2018

A Snow Globe

Illustrated by Emma Dranfield

For angels

earth is a snow globe

At last, it is the first snowfall and the angels speak in song

Uniqueness is born out of the depths of the universe

and celebration begins

As delicate crystals twinkle down from the heavens,

the globe awakens

A young boy faces skyward and welcomes the crystals with his warm pink tongue

A child girl surrenders to the sacred sheet and mimics the keepers of the globe

Tall creatures with long twisty limbs wear the white sparkles like clothing

Covering things like cushions, the new season brings in a sense of comfort

Families huddle together as flickering light reflects off their warm faces

The eager mouths of children are introduced to new sweets that match the season’s spirit

As the snow falls

two puppies in love curl up under a blanket, becoming one

Their souls melt into one another like marshmallows meeting steamy hot cocoa

And when there are blizzards

when the globe becomes a mere toy that’s being shaken

when the angels create a land that is unpredictable and icy and blurred

the little people in the globe

move closer together,

as one

About the author

Amanda Routtenberg is a second year student at Dawson College in the Arts and Culture profile. She is passionate about writing poems with figurative language and imagery. Writing has always been a significant outlet for her to express whatever is on her mind.

About the illustrator

Emma Dranfield is a first year Illustration student at Dawson College.

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