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By Ysalane Mejicano-Perepolkin May 30, 2019

Mate of The Moon

Illustrated by Maria Ramos

The lines were beautiful

The way her body moved,

As she danced with a twinkle emanating from the length of her fingers

Graceful as a willow branch

Folding over herself, back bending, hair caressing the mossy ground

Fireflies following her every move, they assisted in her dance

Hair of fire and whisky exploding into flames as she spun

Her feet hardly touching the floor, she pranced about with small steps

Her conical ears pricking up

To the music only she could discern

Emanating from the trees, the wind

And they danced with her

Swaying, matching her lithe steps

In the pale moonlight, her skin translucent

Her eyes of jade smiling, her soft mouth raising at the edges

She danced until the moon bid farewell

Slowly fading until the morrow


Leaving the young man who had watched her all night sleeping blissfully

For years he saw only her

She appeared only to him

His future growing ever stronger as the night grew denser

And she would wait as she had for eons

Until he followed.

About the author

Ysalane Mejicano-Perepolkin is a 2nd year student in Arts and Culture.

About the illustrator

Maria Ramos is a first year Illustration student.

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  • space-default-avatar


    January 26, 2020

    A beautifully written piece that captures you from beginning to end. The use of such descriptive and rich language truly gives life to the text; readers can envision the ethereal scene that is being described to them through such few yet significant words. The way in which the simple act of dancing is described, as well as the scene that surrounds her, is something that is captivating. This piece of writing succeeds in capturing the idea that poetry is meant to tell a story, in a simple way, while still making it impactful and influential. As someone who gains inspiration when writing poetry through the work of others, I greatly appreciate the story you told. Great work!

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