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2022/2023: What If?

For 2022/2023, SPACE proposes the theme of WHAT IF? to invite discussion, collaboration and the sharing of projects that connect the arts and the sciences. WHAT IF? is a question that guides inquiry across the disciplines, from quantum physics to modern art to artificial intelligence to history to philosophy and many more. It also points to potential intersections among the disciplines, from biotechnology to cognitive sciences to environmental economics, to offer just a few examples. WHAT IF? raises questions both about the actual world we think we know and about the possible worlds we have yet to discover or imagine. It has a profound impact on our world as well, sparking hypotheses and models, inspiring exploration and innovation, challenging dominant ideas and structures, shaping public opinion and policy and directing our individual lives and society in myriad other ways. SPACE looks forward to working with students and faculty alike next year around further projects that ask WHAT IF? and that follow the answers into the unknown.

Above: detail of poster design by Alexia Boreham, Illustration student, Dawson College.

If you wish to get involved with SPACE, please contact the SPACE coordinator or one of the fellows:                                                                                               

Andrew Katz—Fellow, Fall (English)
Darren Narine—Fellow, Fall (Mechanical Engineering)
Justine McLellan—Fellow, Fall (Cinema-Communications)
Joel Trudeau—Coordinator, Fall (Physics)