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Andrew Katz & Justine McLellan • August 27, 2022

Interview Toolkit for Students Across the Disciplines

There are many potential reasons to conduct an interview. The purposes may include:

  • to communicate
  • to persuade
  • to research
  • to make a social impact
  • to create a work of art

Whatever the driving reason, the ability to interview another person about their knowledge, experience and perspective is a skill that students across a broad range of academic programs will find useful in both their careers and personal lives. To help students develop this valuable skill during their studies, many programs at Dawson College involve an interview-based assignment.

The SPACE Interview Toolkit seeks to provide all students with the basic resources they need to conduct successful interviews. The toolkit consists of the following:

  • worksheets
  • three videos that provide an overview of the pre-interview, interview and post-interview process
  • learning activities
  • examples of interviews in a variety of formats and media

Our goal is to continue to develop the toolkit over time, so is you have feedback on the toolkit or resources you would suggest we add to it, we would be glad to hear from you! 

Instructions to Students and Teachers

The SPACE Interview Toolkit is a resource that students can use both as part of a class assignment and independently to help them fulfill a wide variety of purposes, from research to social change to communication and more. Teachers and students alike can focus on the parts of the toolkit that are most useful to them and adapt the activities and worksheets according to their needs.

Our hope is that a number of students who produce interviews will submit them to the SPACE website for publication, so that others across the disciplines can discuss and learn from their work. Discover how to submit your interview here.

Publishing an interview on the SPACE website can also help students fulfill the requirements of the SPACE Arts and Sciences certificate.


About the author

Andrew Katz has been involved with SPACE since 2008, and he uses his background both in medicine and in English and Creative Writing to help students explore connections across the disciplines. Andrew is also a published author of three picture books for children. 

Justine T. McLellan is a teacher of Cinema and Communications at Dawson College. Her research focuses on the intersection of social science and cinema. She produced the second season of The Oldest Profession, a podcast about the history of sex workers.

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