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Andrew Katz • October 11, 2023

Submitting student projects to the SPACE website: A resource for faculty

SPACE is interested in writing that relates in some way to the sciences, technology and society. The sciences includes the social sciences—economics, political science, psychology, sociology, anthropology, etc.

If you have student projects that fit that description, SPACE invites you to consider submitting them for publication on the website.

Individual projects

If you read an excellent individual student project that you would like to recommend for the website, the simplest and most efficient way to proceed is:

  • to ask the student to submit their work directly through the SPACE submissions portal
  • or to send the student's work to Ursula Sommerer via MIO with a CC to the student

SPACE will coordinate with the student from there.

Class projects

Over the years, SPACE has also published many class projects by faculty across the disciplines. A class project entry on the SPACE website begins with a short description by a faculty member of an assignment and is followed by multiple student responses to that assignment. Publishing a class project offers teachers several potential benefits:

  • provides additional motivation for students to do their best work, since their work may be shared publicly.
  • engages the community with ideas and information that teachers believe are important.
  • creates a template and examples of the assignment that the faculty can then show students in the future.

If you would be interested in publishing a class project on the SPACE website, please click here or contact Ursula Sommerer at usommerer@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

See the examples below of class projects that have been published on the SPACE website:

Amanda Beattie (Fine Arts)—classroom activity: “What if” Class Activity

Marc-André Cright (Illustration)—illustrations for SPACE theme poster: What If? Theme Poster

Kris Woofter (English)—literary essays: The American Gothic: A TRANS- Discourse; Troubling SPACE S: In Search of Secret Knowledge

Marie-Thérèse Blanc (English)—whole-class manifesto: Let us be that change; The Truth about “Generation Wise”

Kate Hall (English)—erasure poems: Erasure Poetry Project

Gisela Frias (North-South)—photo essays reflecting on class trip: Viva Cuba Exhibit

Gesche Peters (History)—posters for Ada Lovelace Day: Women in STEM

Amanda Beattie (Fine Arts)—museum visit reflective response assignment: The Arts of One World Exhibition


About the author

Andrew Katz has been involved with SPACE since 2008, and he uses his background both in medicine and in English and Creative Writing to help students explore connections across the disciplines. Andrew is also a published author of three picture books for children.

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