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By Amanda Beattie May 12, 2022

The Arts of One World Exhibition

In February 2022, I brought two classes to visit The Arts of One World exhibition at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. This interregional, intercultural and transhistorical exhibition is built on the idea of finding links between the intersections of time and place.

My students in the classes Renaissance to Modernism (ALC) and Baroque to the 20th Century (Complementary class) were asked to select two works from the exhibition and to discuss the intersections that they saw between their chosen works.

This reflective response assignment is in collaboration with the theme of S.P.A.C.E this year – Intersections – and fits into a series of events leading up to the S.P.A.C.E Showcase which will take place during the first week of May. One of these events included a guest lecture by artist and curator Karen Tam, a Dawson alumnus whose work is exhibited in The Arts of One World exhibition!


I was really impressed with the time and care that the students put into their texts, and the often personal anecdotes that they brought into their discussion. Here is a small selection for you!

Alice Latendresse
Chloe Costa
Emma Tatarelli
Gabriel Gonzalez Hashem
Hiba Aboufarise
Jaime Maturana
Shaina Frainetti
Théo Lambert

Image: Karen Tam, Castiglione’s Insect Mimics, 2014 – 2017.

About the author

Amanda Beattie teaches Art History at Dawson College and works as an Educator and Project Manager at the PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art. She also writes for exhibition catalogues and arts magazines. Amanda used to work at The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in the Education Department, so it is always a thrill to bring students there!

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