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By Gesche Peters December 7, 2021

Women in STEM

Ada Lovelace Day (October 12) is about sharing stories of women—whether engineers, scientists, technologists or mathematicians—who can act as role models for girls and women who want to pursue their interests in these male-dominated fields. For Ada Lovelace Day this year, the students of the Liberal Arts Science: History and Methodology course, guided by history teacher Gesche Peters, produced poster-sized information sheets on noteworthy female scientists who have also been trailblazers in their fields. The students sought to represent female scientists who may be less well-known to the general public as well as a wide representation of women from various backgrounds and with varying interests in order to advance greater inclusivity in the History of Science.  

At the intersection between the feminist movement and science, Ada Lovelace Day and these posters in particular help to raise the profile of women in STEM and also to normalize the presence of women scientists and inventors. Included below are a sample of the dozens of posters that were displayed for Ada Lovelace Day in the glass case on the metro level, for all students to observe and read on their way to and from Dawson. 

Maria Telkes poster by Gabriel Gefin

Margaret Hamilton poster by Morgana Follmann

Zaha Hadid poster by Paria Jafarian

Ellen Ochoa poster by Maya Hillcoat

Wafaa El-Sadr poster by Arwen Lee

Jocelyn Bell Burnell poster by Riley Mullin  

Tu Youyou poster by Nava Camlot  


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Nava Camlot, Morgana Follmann, Gabriel Gefin, Maya Hillcoat, Paria Jafarian, Arwen Lee and Riley Mullin are 2nd year students in the Liberal Arts program.

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