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By Aspen Crick May 20, 2021


Everyone deserves someone

Who cares about them

And I’ve appointed myself

To this position

Almost regrettably


Tell me what you need

And you shall receive

This stance isn’t political

It is of a higher importance

Than my own mind and body

It is probably unhealthy

I know it is


I love you

As I love most others

I must restrain myself from loving

The vile sinners

Because I only have so much to give

And this act is starting to wear me thin

I pray that I can redeem myself


Even when I cannot help myself

I do my best to help everyone

But usually fall short

And start to doubt whether I’m too human

Too vulnerable

For this self-appointed position


Collage by author.

About the author

Aspen Crick is 17 and a first-year Liberal Arts student. She was always a fan of poetry but only got truly into it when the pandemic hit as a way to escape, as some people do when reading books. Apart from writing poetry she enjoys creating visual art, dancing and baking.

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