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By Tina Barbusci May 20, 2021

Golden Silk Bird

The thread is a brilliant red

Coiled at hand yet often misled

By the golden silk bird

Swaying above the moonlit

Tulip beds.


Ever turning, like a revolver’s cylinder,

The breeze directs a waltz among the stars.

A snap, a gasp, a minstrel gone rogue,

Dipping their toes before taking a long soak

A golden streak weaving through the darkness.


Plunging into the veil of eternity,

Thread forever soaring yet coil in hand,

The revolver briefly pauses

Before welcoming the dawn.


The photograph entitled “kites at night” by Stephen Hill  is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

About the author

Tina Barbusci is a 2nd year student in Liberal Arts. 

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  • space-default-avatar

    Olivier D.

    September 8, 2021

    Hi Tina! I very much enjoyed your short poem, especially your use of multiple recurring themes that can be found throughout. They can all be directly related to the title too! The use of golden can be associated with light and dawn, which also offers a contrast to the ambience of a dark and calm night. Additionally, there are a surprising amount of references to silk in the otherwise rather short text. Ranging from clothing and threads to coiling! The use of silk also paints a certain image in my mind, an image of something that is soft and thin but at the same time strong and resilient. Furthermore, words revolving around the themes of sky and flight are the most present of those I personally found, so nothing used in the title can be seen as useless information. Which is great for smaller and more concise texts. One section I found particularly interesting is your analogy of a revolver. This struck me as captivating because up until that point the atmosphere was tranquil and quiet, but suddenly you implemented a symbol that is seen as violent or chaotic which breaks the aforementioned peace and incited me to read more. All in all, your poem was lovely.

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