SPACE Writing Contest

After a successful launch last year, S.P.A.C.E. is excited to be hosting again in 2019-2020 its second annual writing competition. Students from every discipline across the College are invited to submit writing that encourages reflection on this year’s S.P.A.C.E. theme: TECHNIQUE. Students can submit in one or more of three categories—prose (fiction or creative non-fiction), poetry, and essay.

Prizes will be awarded! To learn more, follow this link.

2019/2020 theme: Technique

Technique is involved in every activity that human beings undertake. It may be explicit, implicit, conscious, intuitive, theoretical, embodied, learned through instruction and practice, inherited through our genes, or many of the above at once. But from speaking to walking to raising a child to growing crops to building a house to running a business to organizing a social movement to making art to performing surgery to splitting an atom to landing a rover on Mars, to list just a few examples, all our endeavors involve a form of how-to knowledge that guides us toward the accomplishment of our goals.   Read More…