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By Amanda Beattie June 20, 2023

WHAT IF Q&As at the SPACE Showcase: talent, humour and wit!

During the SPACE Showcase, which took place in 3C.1 from May 1st to May 5th, visitors were invited to participate in some interactive art and writing exercises. The results were enlightening, inspiring and hilarious all at once.

Inspired by Randall Munroe’s 2014 NYTimes #1 Bestseller, What If? Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions” and the board game Balderdash, which involves combining true and fictional definitions to real but rather unusual words:

  1. Visitors were asked to write a WHAT IF question related to one of the artworks exhibited in the Showcase for another visitor to answer, and then provide an answer to one of the other questions.  Absurd and serious questions were both welcome.
  2. When finished, they pinned their questions and answers to the board.

This activity expanded to include any number of random WHAT IF questions – some of which were answered – as well as some accompanying drawings. Here are the results:



About the author

Amanda Beattie teaches Art History at Dawson College and is Assistant Chairperson of the Fine Arts Department. She also writes for exhibition catalogues and art magazines.

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