SPACE Writing Contest

In 2018-2019, S.P.A.C.E. is launching its first annual writing competition. Students from every discipline across the College are invited to submit writing that encourages reflection on this year’s S.P.A.C.E. theme: Perspective(S). Students can submit in one or more of three categories—prose (fiction or creative non-fiction), poetry, and essay.

Prizes will be awarded! To learn more, follow this link.

2018/2019 theme: Perspective(S)

What is a “perspective”? By one definition it is a vantage point; what we perceive because of where we’re standing in relation to the world around us. For instance, if we are looking at the earth from outer space, as in the famous “Pale Blue Dot” photograph of our planet—or perhaps from the point of view of Sky Woman falling towards Turtle Island[1]—our perspective is different than it is looking at the earth from the sidewalk outside of Dawson College in Montreal. Scientists and artists alike have explored this notion of perspective for millennia...   Read More…