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Archives for the month of May 2019

  • What I SeeMaria Melina Tomizzi •May 14, 2019

    If only you could see my perspective of you. 

  • What Is A Perspective?Amanda Routtenberg •May 13, 2019

    A brief overview of Nietzsche’s theory of perspectivism.  

  • Self LoveJade Brisset •May 8, 2019

    This is self care, I tell myself. 

  • Girl In The MirrorNicasia James •May 8, 2019

    She is my tormentor––and my loyal companion. 

  • ExitMihail Cerba •May 8, 2019

    Time puts everything in perspective. 

  • Crooked LaneAdriana Travisano •May 8, 2019

    Autumn leaves offer a child a new perspective on her father. 

  • RainMaria Melina Tomizzi •May 7, 2019

    Rain engulfs. Cleanses. Erases.