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  • Perspectives

    First Annual S.P.A.C.E. Writing CompetitionA. Ami, S.Rodrigues, M. El Jabiri, M.Dupas, C. Bondyra, D. Renaud, F. Dvorkian, M. Goncalves, P. Lopez Sauri•February 26, 2019

    First Annual S.P.A.C.E. Writing Contest: Winners and honourable mentions.

  • Perspectives

    A Snow GlobeAmanda Routtenberg •December 3, 2018

    How might the earth appear from the perspective of angels?

  • Perspectives

    Can the Beggar Forget Himself?Fanny Dvorkin •November 13, 2018

    A preview of Dawson Theatre’s “The Taming of the Shrew: A Shaming of the True?

  • Perspectives

    The Privileged PerspectiveCheyenne Skurczak •October 16, 2018

    Not everyone can afford to learn from their set-backs. 

  • Perspectives

    An Opportunity for a New PerspectiveAnaïs Sautter-Léger •October 16, 2018

    NASA’s rover offers us a glimpse not only of Mars but also of ourselves.

  • En-tropy

    Freed from EDFlorencia Vallejo •May 2, 2018

    In eating disorders, what seems like order can but anything but.

  • En-tropy

    Mouth Shut, Mind ShoutingPamela Vaccariello •May 2, 2018

    The entropy of anxiety and speaking (poem).

  • En-tropy

    Learning to MeltCheyenne Skurczak •May 2, 2018

    Why I got a tattoo.

  • En-tropy

    Unscheduled EntropyIgnacio Perezmontemayor Cruz•May 2, 2018

    Entropy reminds us to keep our personal expectations grounded in reality.

  • En-tropy

    Exponential FunctionJi Won Jeong•May 2, 2018

    The unreachable horizontal line that time runs after.

  • En-tropy

    The BattleSofia De Santis •May 1, 2018

    When the mirror gives us a distorted image of ourselves (poem).

  • En-tropy

    Two Bright StarsIgnacio Perezmontemayor Cruz •May 1, 2018

    A man struggling with entropy in his marriage goes out to look at the night sky.

  • What Would I Do Without Social Media (For Two Weeks)?Andrew Katz •May 1, 2018

    A group of students voluntarily experiment with a two-week social media blackout. Disorder ensures, and new order emerges.

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