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Archives for the month of February 2019

  • First Annual S.P.A.C.E. Writing CompetitionA. Ami, S.Rodrigues, M. El Jabiri, M.Dupas, C. Bondyra, D. Renaud, F. Dvorkian, M. Goncalves, P. Lopez Sauri•February 26, 2019

    First Annual S.P.A.C.E. Writing Contest: Winners and honourable mentions.

  • Anti-Sealers, Angry Inuk: An Examination of Anti-Sealing’s Effects on InuitAyelet Ami•February 26, 2019

    A strong analysis of the negative impacts of the EU exemption rules for Inuit communities in relation to seal hunting.

  • EchoSara Rodrigues•February 26, 2019

    An evocative exploration of the (dis)connection between formal education about the history of discrimination and its lived experience.

  • There WasMaria Goncalves•February 25, 2019

    A surreal dream shared in foreign words can still make sense to someone open to the crazy human unconscious and sensitive to the rhythms of language.

  • The WigMara Dupas•February 25, 2019

    : A complex and vulnerable perspective of the self that intersects with the lived experience of race and racism.

  • Sonnet IIFanny Dvorkin •February 25, 2019

    A sonneteer offers an ex-lover some powerful parting lines.

  • S/heCharlie Bondyra•February 25, 2019

    He wasn’t the son they were expecting.

  • Keeper of the FliesDanielle Renaud•February 25, 2019

    A perspective of care, the passage of time, and love.

  • Homage to my Stretch MarksPaola Beatriz Lopez Sauri•February 25, 2019

    An empowering take on female body image that clashes with oppressive perspectives.

  • The Perspective of Social Engagement: Theatre As Catalyst For Social ChangeEvent Date: Thursday, February 7, 2019

    SPACE welcomes Joy Ross-Jones, Erin Lindsay, and Sophie Gee, Associate Artists for Imago Theatre.