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August 10, 2023

Sixth Annual Writing Contest

Students from every discipline across the College were invited to submit to the Sixth Annual SPACE Writing Competition.

The submissions were judged by Hannah Rahimi (Faculty, English) and Lois Valiant (retired Faculty, Fine Arts).

Winners and Honourable Mentions


  • Winning entry: Light by Spencer Hou
    • Honourable mention: In the Shadows of Certainty by Alessia Panait
    • Honourable mention: Open House by Clara Frey
    • Honourable mention: Within the Snowglobe by Ella Etienne Labelle


  • Winning entry: Aerial Mazes by Wendy Lewis
    • Honourable mention: I Want To Be by Eleftheria Lazaridis  


  • Winning entry: Real Eyes, Realize, Real Lies – An Exploration of Derealization and Education in Mental Health by Paulina Reyes-Jarry


Stay tuned for the publication of the pieces!

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