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Co-curricular Activities: Winter 2023 Overview

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To fulfill the co-curricular requirement of the SPACE: Arts and Sciences Certificate, students must complete one of the following course / additional activity credit combinations.

* A Foundational Knowledge course plus 15 credits of additional activities
* A Foundational Knowledge course, plus one cross listed course, plus 12 credits of additional activities
* A Foundational Knowledge course, plus two cross listed courses, plus 9 credits of additional activities 

You can view the list of courses cross listed for the Winter 2023 semester here — for the list of Fall 2022 cross listed courses see here.


Additional acitivity credits are accumulated through involvement in activities taking place outside of the classroom. Additional activities can include:

- Submitting and publishing written, visual, audio or other work (classwork or independent work) on the SPACE website
- Working on an episode of SPACEpod (the SPACE podcast)
- Organizing social media for SPACE
- Organizing social events for SPACE
- Organizing and/or presenting at a talk, workshop, conference, showcase or other academic/creative SPACE or SPACE-affiliated event
- Participating in a SPACE or SPACE-affiliated competition
- Participating in workshops
- Attending excursions
- Attending events
- Attending SPACEcorp meetings
- Doing research


To claim additional activity credits:

  1. Log onto the Omnivox portal
  2. Under Menu choose the "Certificate of Studies" tab
  3. Choose “Enroll in activities here” to see the activities listed for the current semester
  4. Click the magnifying icon in the “Check progress” column to view the activities and courses that you have participated in to date.


Winter 2023—Additional Activities (activities will be updated throughout the semester)

January 9-11, 2023: NASA workshop and follow-up reflection (5 credits)
April 2023:
NASA Workshop group activity (3 credits)
February 7, 2023:
AI Science Fiction Prototyping––What If? attendance (2 credits)
February 7, 2023:
Writing Contest winners and honourable mentions (2 credits)
Jan/Feb 2023: Dawson Robotics meetings (3 credits)
February 2023:
CRC robotics team involvement + competition participation (5 credits)
February 16, 2023:
Artist Talk and Gallery Visit: Nadia Myre and Nico Williams (2 credits)
February 2023:
Myre/Williams Artist Talk and Exhibition Reflection (3 credits)
February 2023:
Workshop: SPACE Independent Projects (2 credits)
February 24, 2023:
AR Workshop (2 credits)
Mar-May 2023:
AI Launch Lab (Must attend 6 of 8 meetings, 6 credits)
March 24, 2023:
AI For Social Good (2 credits)
March 24, 2023:
Learning – A Revolution in Artificial Intelligence (2 credits)
Mar 1- May 10, 2023:
Applied AI Instititute Internships (8 credits)
March 24-26, 2023:
Weekend AI Challenge (5 credits)
April 7, 2023:
ScienceFest/SPACE 2023 Photo Contest submission (3 credits)
April/May 2023: Participation at ScienceFest (3 credits)
May 2023: Writing Contest Reading (3 credits)
May 1-5:
Participation with project during SPACEweek (3 credits)
May 1-5:
SPACEweek student guide volunteers (2 credits)
May 5, 2023: SPACEweek teardown (2 credits)
May 2023
: Photo contest winners/honourable mentions (2 credits)
Publication of piece on SPACE website (2 credits)
Drop in meetings (4 meetings, 3 credits)—maximum 9 credits
Dawson HEP meeetings (4 meetings, 3 credits)

If you have any questions concerning the SPACE certificate requirements and/or the accumulation of credits please contact Ursula Sommerer at usommerer@dawsoncollege.qc.ca

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