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Archives for the month of April 2008

  • Waking LifeErin Luxenberg and Marie Mc Culloch•April 30, 2008

    A blog of engaging conversations about life and experience.

  • Animal Testing and Ethics: Is It Right?Alexandra Allard-Coutu•April 30, 2008

    How speciesism contributes to the controversial debate over the use of animals in biomedical experiments.

  • What’s On Your Bookshelf?Andrew Katz•April 29, 2008

    we should revisit call to the bookshelf as imaginings?

  • Clay: The Shaped Connection Between the Arts, Sciences, and LifeChris Whittaker•April 29, 2008

    Clay is a substance that forms and transforms.  It has transformed our societies and shaped our past and it may be that in the relentless process of evolution, it formed us.

  • Twisted Logic: The Story of the ParadoxJoshua Kyle•April 28, 2008

    The paradox of reality is that no image is as compelling as the one which exists only in the mind's eye.
    -Shana Alexander

  • Size Matters!Chris Whittaker•April 28, 2008

    Size Matters - a look at how size matters in everything from biology to physics, engineering to history and more.

  • The Trouble With Physics; Lee SmolinMatthew de Courcy-Ireland•April 28, 2008

    Book review: The Trouble with Physics, by Lee Smolin.

  • HelveticaJason Ghikadis•April 28, 2008

    When examined up close, the utter simplicity of Helvetica is almost laughable and has been criticized as boring, plain, and flat. Yet its resounding popularity leads us to question just why this font has been popping up on every street corner for nearly half a century.

  • Music and the Brain: A Mindful TuneErin Luxenberg•April 28, 2008

    It is cruel, you know, that music should be so beautiful.
    -Benjamin Britten

  • The Place of Mathematics in a Liberal Arts EducationKen Milkman•April 28, 2008

    Ken Milkman, philosophy and mathematics professor, proves that there is indeed a place for mathematics in a Liberal Arts education.

  • Interview with Tom FoxMatthew de Courcy-Ireland•April 28, 2008

    Most people who take a math course at Dawson, and many who do not, know Tom Fox.

  • Applying to an American University?Dimitri Poliderakis•April 28, 2008

    Tips for students considering attending university in the United States.

  • Lecture Review – Lawrence Krauss at Concordia and McGillMatthew de Courcy-Ireland•April 28, 2008

    This past October, Montreal had the privilege of hosting Lawrence Krauss of Case Western Reserve University. Move this to reviews.

  • The Future in Electric HeartsAnna McGillivray•April 27, 2008

    A review of Philip K. Dick's book "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"