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June 16, 2020

SPACEmag The Technique Issue Spring 2020

In 2019/2020, students at Dawson participated in SPACE activities that brought them into conversation with each other beyond the classroom and across the disciplines. One such activity was this issue of the SPACE magazine, focused on this year’s annual theme of TECHNIQUE. Under the faculty mentorship of one of the SPACE coordinators, Andrew Katz, a group of around ten dedicated students took on the role of magazine editors, commissioning, writing and editing work that captures some of the diverging and overlapping ways that people can understand the concept of TECHNIQUE.

The contributions include a range of genres, from fiction to poetry to interviews to essays. In addition, the SPACE magazine collaborated in a co-curricular activity with a class of 1st year Illustration students, taught by Neil Armstrong, who produced original spot illustrations for most of the pieces. The result is an array of works from a number of different perspectives that nevertheless invite us to consider the complexities and potential meanings of a common theme.

We hope the works in this issue of the SPACE magazine—arduously edited by the student team to be as accessible and engaging as possible—offer you pleasurable reading and viewing, as well as an opportunity to pause in your thinking, to pause for thinking, about how we do we what we do, why we do it, what the process is of acquiring our how-to-knowledge, and what the impact of our actions might be.

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