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September 28, 2015

SPACEcorp Project Group

Note: The SPACEcorp project group meets weekly, Fridays 2:30-4:00 PM in room 7A.2 or 7A.6. More information will be provided in the second week of September about planned activities, presentations and workshops.

Every year students are provided with opportunities to participate in directed, defined projects with STEM/STEAM, STS, maker oriented, or related approaches. These projects often involve collaborations with initiatives that are both faculty and student driven with activities such as Dawson Robotics, the CERN particle physics competition and the AI Launch Lab workshops in artificial intelligence. We also invite students to propose their own projects, with mentorship and support, for a SPACE certificate requirement and/or a CE Independent Study, or just for interest. 

In 2022-2023, there will be multiple projects for students to get involved in. For example

  • makerspace projects incorporating the Arduino platform, 3D printing and laser cutting technologies
  • R&D education robotics
  • science communication: writing for the web, podcasting, and public presentations
  • CE opportunities

Students, especially those enrolled in the SPACE certificate, are encouraged to take the SPACE365: Make Things That Matter complementary course offered every Winter semester, Tuesdays from 3-6PM. Even those who are in the Pure and Applied Sciences program, for example, may take this course since it is possible to change the sequence of complementary courses normally followed.

The course explores problem solving, maker culture, innovation, and the future through the application of systems and design thinking, social impact tool sets and related methodologies and encapsulates many of the activities undertaken by SPACE annually. In this course and across the SPACE initiative, students are encouraged to draw inspiration and incorporate knowledge, skills and problems from their programs and any other learning activities or extra-curriculars they may be already involved in.


STEAM: Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics
STS: Science Technology and Society

About SPACEcorp

SPACEcorp was created in 2014-15 as a fictional corporation. Inspired by the space age ideals of the 50’s and 60’s, when Aerospace and Advertising collaborated on campaigns to promote the promise of science, it originally consisted of an R&D arm and a creative counterpart comprised of Illustration students promoting the projects of the collaborating student teams. Today, SPACEcorp has evolved into an educational Research & Development framework designed to inspire, support and implement the project ideas of the participating students.

The logo was created by Meinert Hansen. It incorporates the Eurostile typeface. The atomic symbol was a familiar pictogram of the 1960s, and the “industrial science orange” evokes the look of multiple science industry logos of that time.

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