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Fifth Annual Writing Contest

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Students from every discipline across the College are invited to submit writing that encourages reflection on this year’s SPACE theme: WHAT IF? Students can submit in one or more of three categories: prose (fiction or creative non-fiction), poetry, and essay.

  • Maximum word counts for fiction and non-fiction: 2500 words. 
  • Maximum page count for poetry: 5 pages. 
  • Maximum submissions: 3 pieces.
  • Prose, poetry and essay can be in any form. 


Contest winners and several honorable mentions will be selected by a panel of interdisciplinary jurors based on the following criteria:

  • Originality, innovativeness, and depth of thought
  • Style
  • Connection to the WHAT IF? theme
  • Special consideration will also be given for writing that has an Art/Science component. An Art/Science component may mean that the piece integrates knowledge, develops and deepens literacy, or otherwise creates links between the arts and the sciences, including the social sciences. Pieces with an Art/Science component could include a Science Fiction short story, a poem that borrows its metaphors from the sciences, an exploration of the history and/or philosophy of science, to give just a few examples.


The winners and honorable mentions will be highlighted on the SPACE web magazine, where their work will be published. All participants may submit their work for publication in the SPACE web magazine as well.  

An award ceremony will be held at the end of the academic year (spring 2023), where all participants will be recognized, and prizes will be awarded to winners. 

Prizes will be awarded in each category!

Deadline to apply:
The deadline to apply to the contest is Sunday, December 18, 2022.

Your submission must be in the form of a Word document with your name and title of the piece included on the first page. Please also preface your piece (under title, before the start of the main text) with a very short statement (2-3 lines) describing how it connects to the WHAT IF? theme and what if any Art/Science component it contains.

The file name of the document should be written with the last and first names of the creator plus the title of the piece (title can be shortened), all with lower case letters and using a hyphen between the last name of the creator and the title, and underscores between all other words as indicated below:

Make your submission:
To enter the competition, complete the participation form below.

You will receive a confirmation email once you have submitted your piece. Please contact Ursula at usommerer@dawsoncollege.qc.ca if you do not receive a confirmation.

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Fifth Annual Writing Contest Form