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The Human Body: Instrument and Mirror (The Body on Stage)

For an actor, their body, including their voice, is their instrument. For the audience, the movements of the actors are also a mirror. When we think of a memorable moment in a play or film—a moment in which we recognize something essential about human beings in general and about ourselves in particular—it is often an actor’s precise posture or gesture or inflection that delivers that moment.

In The Human Body: Instrument and Mirror (The Body on Stage), S.P.A.C.E. interviews and observes students and faculty in the Dawson Theatre Department, exploring their unique perspectives and insights on the human body.

Appeareances by: theatre students Jean Michel Chartier and Geneviève Fleurant, theatre teacher Steve Lecky, and theatre students in Steve Lecky's 1rst and 3rd year classes.

About the video

Emilie Trudeau is a graduate of McGill in East Asian Studies & Sociology. 


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