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By Joseph Zsombor-Pindera September 25, 2013


Art flows not just from the hand of man
It's more than just some random jam
Our minds together make a tandem plan

O Let me show you this great can
And then we'll open it upon the slam
I find within it many worms
That once writhed and beat and pulsed with life

Through their many turns and turns
These worms have passed through urns and urns
Yes, once they did and once they will
These worms now canned and locked from life
Locked in place where will sits still
Their minds web's cut like with a subtle knife
They are living out internal strife
No longer attuned to their eternal life

But like time and time and life and life
These feeding worms will rise once more
And leading turns will lead us to the door
Cleans'd it will be with ancient lore
Someday they'll leave the devil's store
Sore and poor and want for more
They'll come together filled with hope
Once again they'll climb life's rope

But like rhyme and rhyme and hope and hope
These reading worms will writhe once more
They'll rise up from beneath Dis' floor
No more fear they'll slither together
They'll tether forever
And form a five-pointed star
Covered with flesh the star will divide
Splitting up into fives and fives

These worms are not dead
These worms are feeding: its mind's been fed
No, these worms will live and love and writhe instead

About the author

Joseph is a science student attending Dawson College. He likes to play piano, and draw pictures. During the summer he is a treeplanter and travelling hippie -- and during the winter he is the dead opposite. He also writes short stories and prose and would like to write a book, but it's stacked up in disorganized piles of looseleaf. He would say his top 5 authors for literary inspiration are: Kurt Vonnegut, John Steinbeck, Khalil Ghibran, Herman Hesse and Robertson Davies.


Illustrations by Joseph Zsombor-Pindera


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