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By Shaela Vilar-Oliveira May 1, 2018


Illustrated by Vivien Yuan





There are weeds stretching between the pavement cracks.

I dedicate late evenings to ripping them;

Determined, I tug and pull from their brittle roots,

but when the sun mounts, they emerge again.


When exhaustion takes over and I can no longer trim,

they catch my legs like tangled seaweed.

Starting over seems too heavy a job.

I could try again tomorrow.


After an unexpected furious rainstorm,

Violets, Daisies, and Bluebells

decorate the split concrete,

and I am least concerned about the weeds growing.  

About the author

Shaela Vilar-Oliveira is a 2nd year student in Arts and Culture. In her time at Dawson she has played around with and has been exposed to art in its diverse forms, and she particularly enjoys telling her story through writing. Whether through poetry, song lyrics, or journaling, there is no greater feeling to her than finding the right string of words to encapsulate her travels, her transformative experiences, and her emotions. 

About the illustrator

Vivien Yuan is a student in the Illustration Program at Dawson College. Her favorite art mediums are pencil, ink and markers. You can view more of her work through the following links: http://neonsaphir.tumblr.com/archivehttp://www.thepictame.com/instagram/therealcatxavi.


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