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By Diana Gerasimov February 29, 2016

Why I write

Illustrated by Anastasia Kolokotronis

The words I speak will make you clench,

the words I write make you undress,

'till your soul stands naked and bare,

syllable after syllable,

with each sound I make,

with each breath I take,

during the break from my words and the seeping of my sweat

through my pores you will understand,

understand why I write.

Not just for the heck of it,

but for the strength I get,

with each curve of each letter and every sentence made up of words

and every word you spoke,

that makes up my soul. 

About the author

Diana is a second year Arts and Culture student, who enjoys poetry, slapstick humor, writing and performing music, as well as the comfort of a cup of tea.

About the illustrator

Anastasia Kolokotronis is currently a 3rd year Illustration & Design student at Dawson College who spends most of her time sketching creatures and conceptual design. She has experience in many mediums, however prefers to create traditional artwork. Her art is inspired by folktales and mythology from all around the world. You can take a sneak peak at her work here.


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