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By Erin Luxenberg and Marie Mc Culloch April 30, 2008

Waking Life

The distinction between our unconscious and conscious lives is often trivialized as an obvious mark. But this mark of separation is profound and complex. The unconscious individual may have the simulated sensations of real life, but the conscious person actually experiences them. The difference between a dreaming person and a waking person lies in the experience of the waking.

imageErin Luxenberg and Marie Mc Culloch, science and liberal arts students respectively, are calling on all readers to engage with one another. Discuss life with your peers, your friends, and your family! May it be over a coffee, on your way to a movie, or during a road trip, talk about life and its significance to you, then write on the blog. Share your own experiences and discuss your opinions with others, in a non-volatile manner, of course.

Human relationships and interactions cannot be simulated. Yet, sharing company with another human being is not always considered essential to human existence. We are losing that dynamism that is central to humanity. We evolve from our experiences; experiences result from our interactions with the world, and the world is made of other human beings that share the plight for survival. We depend on one another for companionship and for the comfort of knowing that we are not alone. You are not alone.

The objective of this blog entitled “Waking Life” – yes, the name was inspired from the amazing animated film - is simply to produce interesting and entertaining conversations on-line. The internet, like the universe, is ever expanding to include a much wider audience than any other form of communication. It has broken down the barriers of geography, connecting people from all over the world. Let this blog be your means of sharing your thoughts with others, and we hope you enjoy yourselves!

About the illustrator

Credits for the movie poster included in this article go to the illustrators and animators of "Waking Life" (2001) by Richard Linklater. 


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