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By Lias Borshan September 25, 2013

Tattered Semblance of a Title



There’s something odd,
comforting, about a million
concentric circles,
ideas, beliefs, thoughts,
spreading from a central mouth
of influence, all containing
an “anxiety”.

Each circle its own
yet so similar
twirling eternally with colors beyond color
with ideas molded and unchanged
reacting constantly to each other.

Wilde questioned influence
in that story about a boy shaped by the ideas of another
Wallace Stevens struggled to look at a blackbird 
thirteen ways! This circle spins outward,
holding, choking me.

Alone, I’ll begin weaving an absolute
something, dispelling those precious
ideas, escaping the embrace
of what’s familiar. Rip apart
convention, shit on whatever
is behind me.

And become a circle
whose embrace will bring strange
solace to those captive in its wake.

About the author

Lias Borshan: Basks on the beaches of his dreamy consciousness, cries, bathing himself in the inky manifestations of his peers' mellifluous, effulgent, splendiferous, ostensibly liberated, and ultimately self-destructive works. He tried to save them... save them from the vile, wretched, villainous, abominable, shocking, outrageous vicegrip of their own abhorrence. Their passions, seemingly insurmountable, coax them into an irreparable facade of indifference.

Lasciviousness. Raunchiness. Other lusty synonyms.

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About the illustrator

Kaiatanoron Bush is a music educator at Karonhianonhnha Elementary School and proud Fine Arts graduate.

In her work, she explores personal and social narrative through mixed media. Her work is heavily influenced by her experiences as someone who is half-Native American, a woman and teacher.

In the future, she aspires to represent her community while working successfully in the industry as a fine artist and illustrator. She is interested in a broad range of fields including, but not limited to: Forensic arts and illustration, Studio arts, illustration for comics, children's books, editorial illustration and character design.

She has been accepted to the second year of OCAD U's Indigenous Visual Culture program.


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