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By Josephine Kefallinos May 1, 2018

The Burning of Constellations

Illustrated by Lina Privorotsky

The constellations in her eyes were more sublime than the stars lucky enough to hold her gaze,

He once stood with her in the light of the moon

Igniting her chest,

He had no idea the strength of the fires he started there


He stood hiding from her the light of the moon

When his kind words were thrown to her,

He had no idea of the forest fires he started in her heart

Only of their misleading beauty


Kind words were no longer the ones being thrown at her

Unleashing waterfalls that drew blood from her cheeks,

Their beauty misled him

And stole her warmth


Waterfalls scarred her cheeks


Unaware of the impermanence of his warmth

She loved him terribly



She felt how the breeze hit his flames and pushed them to envelop more,

Terribly, she loved him through it all

And gave her heart, his to char


Empty space, where once he stood, allowed for a draft

Spreading the ashes of her affection across smouldering fields of naiveté,

He gave no consideration to the heart he torched

Or to the constellations turned to memories of stars that no longer enthralled her

About the author

Josephine Kefallinos is a 2nd year student at Dawson.

About the illustrator

Lina Privorotsky is a 1st year Illustration student. You can find more of her art at https://www.instagram.com/lilaeleaf/.


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