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By Sofia De Santis May 1, 2018

The Battle

Illustrated by Valentina Fiallo 

The mirror on the wall is calling my name

Just like every morning

I look up

And I see it again


Those eyes, bloody red

That face, distorted

And a figure, massive like a whale

 Filled with great misery


Can this really be me?

I like to think it’s not

But the voice in my head tells me otherwise

Am I really a bloody monster?


As I glance a second time

I see it again

But this time it’s different


I look down at my dry pale hands

And back into the mirror

Only to see fingers missing and body parts bleeding


I look back down at my small slim body

And turn away

From the strange energy hanging in my room


The mirror on the wall is calling my name

But this time it’s different

I won’t let it win

About the author

Sofia De Santis is a 2nd year student in Arts & Culture.

About the illustrator

Valentina Fiallo is a 17-year-old first year Illustration student at Dawson College. She loves to draw characters and worlds, and create stories. You can view more of Valentina's work through the following links: https://www.instagram.com/hey.yasu/https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBJbsomtq2xU4FAbu8R0dpg.


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