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By Victoria Di Woo October 17, 2012

Some Art Stuff in Color

When it comes to art, I feel that it's important to be open minded. I'm always learning new skills, techniques and how to put feelings into my art. It's ever changing. What I love most about art is that great feeling of calmness and concentration I get when I'm drawing or painting. I can be wrapped up in drawing the simplest things and spend hours of adding things, changing them and creating new ones.

What I think everyone should love about art is that it can never be wrong. It's your invention. It's freedom!

Art creates emotions and makes everything more interesting. It's something everyone can understand in every language. And that is the beauty of art.

I've never described my “type” of art before, but I guess I can give it a shot.

There is a few things I'm usually creating. One is cartoon/anime people. That is what I've been used to doing. Recently I've gotten obsessed with watercolours. I love the flow of endless colors and the transparency that only watercolors can create. I also can do acrylic paint or pastels which are really opaque for powerful pieces.

I don't usually do any dark or abstract pieces. I like positive, happy, beautiful nature, fantasy, imagination and things. (You can see my paintings below to understand what I mean).

I'm always experimenting with new things. If I've never drawing a astronaut before, I'll try it. If I've never painted a leopard before, I'll try it....maybe.

Peace out.


Boat on water was done by watercolor. I loved painting this because of the simple sky and a rough ground. It is calming and simply natural.


Galaxy Fantasy  was done using pastels. I took two different picture ideas and put them together, creating life on that planet and colorful "rainbow" in the outer space. I love to do fantasy worlds. Bold colors are very surreal. I really enjoyed making this piece because of all the colors and blending. I'm really proud of this one.


Endless Sunset was also done with pastels. I wanted to create a colorful sunset and reflection on the water. It is not exactly realistic, but I love the feel of a water being filled with colors. This piece is very bright but also dark, which creates a nice balance.


These next two paintings, Bluebell Woods were done with water color paint. (I followed a step by step book.) I did it in two different ways: the 1st was more saturated and strong. (I’m used to creating pictures with bright colors.) The 2nd one is very light and gentle. It was something different for me to do. I used very little paint and lots of water. It's like I had to hold back from painting too much. But I really like the end result. It's different and can portray more of a calm safe misty place.


White Feathers and Colored Feathers are done using watercolor and masking fluid (to preserve the white). This was created completely on my own, just through being creative with the colored backgrounds. I like the simplicity of these feathers and of course the color is very important. 


Imagination Underwater was created from imagination, meaning I didn't use any references to make this, except for the fish.  I used water color crayons to create this color pencil look, but also some blended background using water. I was just experimenting with the crayons and created a fantasy underwater/ over water picture. I would say that this shows my type of personality the best because I didn't copy anyone else's creations to make mine.

All of the pieces above were done mostly this past summer 2012

About the author

This is my 1st year at Dawson. I love to do all kinds of art. I also love reading. I'm pretty good in math and watch hundreds of TV shows.

Hope everyone likes my stuff. Have a wonderful day. Peace out. 



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