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By Sofia De Santis May 1, 2018


Illustrated by Charlotte Stucky 

Every now and then

The photographs hanging remind me of the good times

The ones of laughter and joy

And the ones worth a thousand words

The times spent wandering, and growing up

Exploring this strange place called life


The heat of a thousand fires

And the cold of frozen ice hotels

The winters that used to be wonderlands

Are now struggling to find snow


The evolving globe full of natural disasters

And a childhood full of dreams left behind with it

Sucked into the tornado

Or maybe the hurricane


But this ever-changing life

And the wonders it holds

Stuck in the past

And the ones it beholds


Need to be preserved and upkept

If we want to save and protect

Our future us

About the author

Sofia De Santis is a 2nd year student at Dawson College.

About the illustrator

Charlotte Stucky is an 18 year old aspiring cartoonist who is currently studying Illustration at Dawson College. You can view more of her work through the following link: https://www.instagram.com/octopus_thing/.


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