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By Hannah Gerber September 25, 2013

I Can Only Appreciate

Illustrated by ANNA ARROBAS


Here, mists that weave through the earth’s webs chill my skin.

Here, burdens that weigh us with nude reality, binding us to the gates of beauty, sting. Haunt us.

I hear in the fog not a cry of heartache but a plea: forgiveness for our hesitating love. For our key-fumbling.

I look around, and I see her in dry roots armoured with a wise hope that lies thin as an autumn frost. Bold as a cocked gun. Quiet as a bruise on softened skin.

I yearn to hold her, as she has held every life that breathes on her halting chest.

Yet her burdens are too strong, my hands too timid, her wounds too deep for my healing, and the meaning bound deep within her too mysterious.

Overwhelmed by a helpless tranquility, its taste stale against my blind selfishness, I can only appreciate.

About the author

Writer and lover of poetry, short stories and feature articles, Hannah Gerber is an extremely passionate and driven artist in the Literature program at Dawson. With a background seasoned in music, dance, theatre and writing, Hannah looks forward to sharing and collaborating with fellow enthusiasts within her fields.


Photo credit: Anna Arrobas


  1. space-default-avatar


    November 2, 2013

    This is an incredibly vivid and raw poem, as well as beautiful. You have managed to successfully capture the idea of admiring someone from afar, something so many of us have settled for, wishing we could get closer. You’ve created some images that are so real and evocative, especially the line “quiet as a bruise on softened skin”. I found myself wanting the poem to be longer once I had finished reading it! You are definitely talented, so don’t stop writing!

  1. space-default-avatar

    Jamie Wilkinson

    November 7, 2013

    Your writing style is impeccable, it’s so beautifully poetic and vivid that I can truly ‘feel’ what your poem is emoting. I love the contrast between the softness and hardness that you bring out throughout your piece, it really highlights the quiet admiration of your subject but at the same time their passionate yearning. Your imagery is very sensual: the bruise, the breath, these are things I can feel as a reader, and they very much add to the aura of your poem. Your piece effectively captures the depth of your subjects emotion but at the same time it’s brief. I get the sense of a fleeting moment, and what your character must feel when they yearn for whom they admire. Very lovely poem!

  1. space-default-avatar


    November 10, 2013

    I really enjoyed reading this poem. This poem is incredibly well-written. The use of imagery in this poem is extraordinary. My favourite line was “Yet her burdens are too strong, my hands too timid, her wounds too deep for my healing, and the meaning bound deep within her too mysterious.” As a reader, I can truly hear and feel what you are trying to say. Great job!

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