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By Erin Dunlop February 29, 2016

Hands of A Pocket-Watch

Illustrated by Audrey Desaulniers



Minutes can’t be captured;

they slip away, a perfect crime.

I try to freeze the moment,

attempt to slow down time.


But memories fade like photographs

tucked in boxes under beds.

The film is worn and damaged

in the cinema of my head.





A pocket-watch has no mercy.

Its hands turn present into past.

No sadness makes the seconds wait,

Nothing can ever last.

About the author

Erin Dunlop is a second year CALL student in the Arts and Culture profile. She is passionate about music, food, travelling, and theatre.

About the illustrator

Audrey Desaulniers is an artist and a biologist who likes who likes painting and drawing. She likes to be inspired by biodiversity and the color and patterns found in nature.


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