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By Ji Won Jeong May 2, 2018

Exponential Function

Illustrated by Alice Wang

Exponential functions always have a horizontal asymptote

noted as “k”,

an unreachable horizontal line the curve is reaching for.

In fact, the x will always be running after infinity.


Its equation blurts out like this:


At first, it electrocutes your brain, the confusion leaving your consciousness numb

but as calculations go by, you figure out the only thing that matters is that

the curve in your graph will never reach an end

because there is no end to infinity.


It is fairly strange

because it really does look like at some point the curve is going to meet “k”

but in order to cross this unreachable horizontal line

you have to reach infinity.


Time always has a horizontal asymptote

Noted as “the ultimate end”

Which is an unreachable horizontal line the time is running after.

In fact, time will always be chasing infinity.


Its equation goes like this:

time = ∞

At first it sinks your existence in the bottom of a lost ocean

but as waves sweep by, your heart accepts that

when it stops beating, time will still be flowing

because a current has no end.


It is fairly strange

because it really does seem the current will stop one day

but in order to cross this line of inertia

time will have to freeze.

About the author

Ji Won Jeong is currently in her second year studying Cinema-Communications at Dawson College. She loves creating as much as she enjoys observing.

About the illustrator

Alice is an aspiring illustrator who hopes to own at least two rabbits in the very near future. Or maybe chinchillas. You can view more of Alice's work through the following link: https://www.instagram.com/ecilagan/.


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