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By Sumaya Ugas October 1, 2012

Bodily Sensations

Illustrated by YUGUO XUE


Brain waves and

enhanced senses.

His fingertips


the electrical fields

between my nerves,

sending chills

down my spine.

The veins of

our souls


bringing life

to a new body.

We were blind,

until we met.



Body language,

chemical compounds.

Rainbows and





My grandmother lost an arm to cancer

before losing her life to it.

As I stare at my hands,

the blood flowing inside my veins,

blood I inherited from her,

seems to talk to me

through visions of

sick limbs

and sweet grandmothers.

It tell me stories of

past generations

of severed bodies.

Of mines and bombs,


swords and lances.

I dreamt of her

few nights ago.

It was mostly a blur,

but her slow and steady walk,

warm features and

sweet words

come clear to me.

Some nights,

the image of a lone arm

buried somewhere

haunts me.



I lost myself in illusions.


made of flesh.

My eyes don't see.

My hands don't feel.

Reality is a blur.

My body is a prison,

an empty river

I drown in.

About the author

Sumaya Ugas is a second-year student starting her first semester in Psychology. She loves literature, is fascinated by human behavior and very interested in history, politics and international development and does her best to get involved. She likes to read and write, any free time will be spent on either one of those activities. She also loves tea, sweets and music; one of her favorite jazz recordings is the Charlie Parker's Savoy and Dial Sessions.

About the illustrator

YuGuo Xue is a third year Illustration & Design graduate student. She likes to use different styles when she draws. After three years of studying in Illustration & Design, drawing has become her passion of living and her life. Also, the feeling of worship from other good artists keeps her motivated, which also influences her a lot.


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