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By Victoria Mastropietro October 1, 2011

A Simple Trek

My eyes, glued to the hands.
The hands gliding
until infinity,
since the beginning,
but never fast enough.

I wait,
watching always,
eyes darting
back and forth
back and forth
until finally the hands have rested
where I want them.

like a rocket
waiting for no one,
my speed misunderstood for boredom.
But no, that’s not it.

Through the maze
of blank walls and blank faces.
Hundreds of ants
in one direction.

We are just like them.
Moving in packs towards
one simple destination.
Pushing through to get
to where everyone is going.

Just another ant
angered and controlled by the hands.

Constantly in a war
with those who defy me.
Their actions opposite
from what I want
from what we all want
More anger
more hate
like every other day existing here.

Finally through the haze.
Out where walls no longer border
Breathing deeply
a massive cloud of exhaled smoke.
who can tell the difference anymore?

Down the path
with those like me.
Our movements structured
by learned connotations of color
when to go, when to stop.
down another path.
There is nowhere to go,

there has never been anywhere to go
but ahead. No one to see,
never anyone to see
but everyone.

Into a place that dictates our habits.
Tell me what I need.
Where is religion now
when this has become God?

Pulled up, another round
of everything I have seen before.
More blank walls, blank faces.
Knowledge exploding
from the heads of some
into the heads of others.
Why else would we be here?

Dear species,
dear race
dear world,
how has it become
that even this is a trek?


Image Source: Samantha Mossa

About the author

Victoria Mastropietro is a first year Dawson student in the literature profile. She likes poems that are open to multiple interpretations. 


  1. space-default-avatar


    March 19, 2012

    What a wonderful and creative piece of writing! I really enjoyed reading your piece. I have read a couple of them so far, but I would say this one was my favorite. It was fascinating because it was simple, but sweet. Of course, I agree that life gets complicated as the time goes by. When we were a baby, we managed to stand. Now we know how to stand, but here we are again managing to succeed. In life, there are many paths to choose, but sometimes we just don’t know which path to go. We want to go on the right path, but sometimes we might choose the wrong one. However, it doesn’t matter which path we choose, there will be obstacles. One should never be discouraged by those obstacles because those obstacles will lead to success. They make us become better and stronger. We have to have faith in ourselves and be optimistic. I love the fact that you state about “the ants”. I find very interesting, and I agree about the idea of comparing humans to ants. We are all going in one direction (“just like them”), we are yearning for “success”. Ants are tiny insects, yet they always help each other. When they go, they go together. I think it is brilliant that you came up with such idea, and to compare humans to ants. For us living in our world today, if we try to help each other just like “the ants” do, we would live in a better world!

    Anyway, I hope you’re not getting bored of reading my comment. Keep up the good work and you will go far. I’m looking forward to read your new articles. Who knows, you might be the next Shakespeare smile


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