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By Michael Oberman (edited by Jiri Tucker) October 27, 2011

A Discourse on Halloween Attire

Illustrated by SARAH VATNE


It is non-denominational. It is a chance to be pagan, eat free candy, and live as the libertine. It is a children’s holiday during which it is socially acceptable to drink. Anyone can get gothic, dress as Batman, wear leotards and be the life of the party.  If this evidence is not enough to convince you of Halloween’s holiday supremacy, then this article is not for you.

Yet, all is not well in the land of kit-kats and mini snickers: you are ruining Halloween. Yes: you! Well, not you in particular. But halloween, that crazy caped adventure every October the 31rst, was founded on ghosts, angels, pirates, mummies, and more recently Japanese animé and angry birds. Okay, I know,  floating around in the holiday’s past are actually All Saint’s Day and the spooky specter of Christianity. But what Halloween is not founded on is low cut t-shirts and tight jeans complimented by cat whiskers or a cowboy hat. It is not founded on the refrigerator of a football player. It is a twist on a Christian holiday that Celts and Romans held to end the summer. It was to dress and beg, not to dress and impress. You must threaten for your sweets: trick or treat!

Now I know you have most likely heard this sermon before, but please, bear with me. Enjoy sexual objectification? No worries. But consider the lost opportunities. How many times in our life do we really get the chance to dress up however we choose? The answer is not very often, at least not if your one of your goals in life includes gainful employment. So girls, guys, I plead with you: give it up. Don't waste this God-given... um... government-given (halloween is non-denominational), once-a-year opportunity with preening and pruning. Forget the naughty cat, the rugged jock. This is your time to be that secret superhero you adore, or the mad scientist, of Frankenstein. Be Sarah Palin! Get Mavricky.

Don’t just be one more sexy nurse among a crowd of imposters not even trained in C.P.R., or an ogre of manhood. Would you not rather be something awesome like an 18th century bourgeoisie capitalist? Certainly a figure to dread. I'm still wondering, though: why did people keep thinking I was Mr. Monopoly?

About the author

Michael Oberman is a liberal Arts student at Dawson College who should not be confused with Mr. Monopoly. Jiri TUcker teaches Classics at Dawson College.

About the illustrator

The main themes explored in Sarah Vatne's work are centered around nature as that is her primary inspiration. Her preferred mediums are acrylic, graphite and Photoshop; she enjoys experimenting with how different mediums can affect the overall feel and interpretation of her work. She strives to represent her subject in ways which may differ from what is normally perceived. Sarah aspires to be a freelance Illustrator in the future.


  1. space-default-avatar

    Samantha Mileto

    December 1, 2011

    Hi Michael,

    This is great! I totally agree with you, what happened to the Batman’s and Cinderella’s and Spongebob’s of the world? Slowly, Halloween is being taken over by girls who don’t realize that super super short skirts aren’t pretty at all and the guys droll over them for all the wrong reasons. It’s disgusting. This trend, however, goes beyond Halloween and into our everyday lives, as we see more and more of it at school, at the mall or at work.  It’s really difficult to see women who think they’re pretty when they dress that way, and the men who encourage them to do so. What happened to ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’ cliché.

  1. space-default-avatar


    December 2, 2011

    I think that Halloween is a chance to be whoever or whatever you want. So what if girls and guys dress unoriginal, they make costumes like that for a reason and people buy them. Of course this is your own opinion and you have the right to it. I don’t dress up at all for halloween, but I did dress up as Zorro, scream and a pirate for videos (my sister is in a video class) but I also like dressing up when I film videos for YouTube. Costumes work wonders there. Just check out DrCoolSex or ScreenTeam and you’ll see what I mean.

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