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SPACEpod Episode 1

SPACEpod is an interdisciplinary podcast which brings together students from the Arts and Sciences to interview guests about complex issues such AI, social justice, climate change and the global pandemic, to name just a few, and to share from a student-perspective how those issues impact them.  

To understand and address these complex issues requires us to engage in different modes of studying and understanding our world. We need multiple fields, including the Arts and the Sciences, talking and working together. This kind of collaboration, communication and literacy across the Arts and Sciences is what SPACE (Sciences Participating with Arts and Culture in Education) is all about.  

SPACE projects are most often initiated by students here at Dawson, and this podcast is no exception. It was the brainchild of our first student interviewers, Hailey De Bono-Fine (Liberal Arts) and Fleur Betukumesu (International Business), and was edited into existence by Mia Kennedy (ALC). For the first guest on SPACEpod, Hailey and Fleur have invited Dr. Lorne Scharf, Chief of Staff of the Cornwall Community Hospital, to speak to them about COVID-19 and to help them understand some of the science of the virus and our approach to treating it.  

Dr. Scharf went to McGill Medical School and did his residency training at McGill. After becoming Chief of Emergency Medicine at Cornwall Hospital, Dr. Scharf returned to school to do a Masters in Administration at the Harvard School of Public Health. 

This interview was recorded on November 18, 2020.  

Sound design and editing: Mia Kennedy
Student interviewers: Fleur Betukumesu (1st year International Business) and Hailey De Bono-Fine (2nd year Liberal Arts) Faculty supervisors: Andrew Katz and Robert Stephens
Guest: Dr. Lorne Scharf 

Music used with permission by Jeremy Marsan https://jeremymarsan.com/

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