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By Erika Metivier April 10, 2012

This City is Luscious Musical Waves

The poem below was written for the Transforming Futures exhibition, taking place in late March, early April 2012 in the Warren G. Flowers gallery at Dawson College. The exhibition explores the future as a place of unbound invention and extraordinary possibility.

Editor's Note: Shape Poetry is a poetic genre in which the theme of the poem is captured in the shape of the poem. There are a number of challenges in writing a shape poem, including finding a shape that captures the theme, making all the line breaks that the shape imposes meaningful, as well painstakingly spacing every word. A shape poem is particularly appropriate to an exhibition on cities, because shape poetry highlights the fact that the poem, like all verbal structures, is built.

About the author

Erika Métivier is a second year Literature student. She has a passion for great literature, dance, and music. She loves exploring her creativity in every way possible, whether it be through writing, dancing, or cooking something wacky for supper. She often spends too much time up late at night, finishing homework. This is mostly due to her amazing procrastination skills, a constant desire for perfection, and a prioritized love for reading which often takes over homework time. Her main source of energy in these moments consist of Nibs, Peanut M&Ms, and Cadbury Mini Eggs. Above all, Erika loves to talk and laugh.

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