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By Johny Zahlani February 14, 2024

The Unknown: A Nerve-Racking Tribulation


Uncertainty is an intrinsic part of our enigma of a universe, a mighty force intertwined within the very nature of our existence. In this poem, I paint a picture of how uncertainty permeates the world through the lens of science. The conglomeration of verses delves into the labyrinth of uncertainty, exploring its influence on human awareness. This poem also incorporates puns and touches on art and history. The usage of puns alongside subtle imagery is meant to attach patches of light-heartedness amidst the examination of life’s mysteries.



In the ever-changing universe, where atoms converse,
Billions of heavenly bodies lie in the space purse.
The tides of time disperse, amercing all in due course.
Better watch and observe: the complexity of the dark verse.

From tremendous galaxies to tiny grains of sand,
Only God knows their fate in advance.
Even life and death are unsure of where to stand,
Intertwined like flora and fauna in a game of chance.

While attempting to untangle the knots of uncertainty,
The true struggle subsists in overcoming its duplicity.
In the arduous hunt for answers to this hidden entity,
Many have fallen short, bending the knee submissively.

Seeking out truth’s illusory embrace
In the obscure maze with no palpable trace,
Scientists venture into the ominous haze,
Where a cluster of questions await.

Driven by interest and wrestling with concepts,
The fearless minds hunt for the trifling intercepts
In the immense, universal function of existence.
Navigating through the unknown with sheer finesse,
There is no guarantee of an entrance to success.

As long as uncertainty is lurking free,
Theories will struggle to find the key,
A solution to life’s mystery
Equations will practically remain in deficiency,
An imperfect da Vinci, an artisanal insufficiency. 

Deep in the quantum realm,
Doubt resonates through eternity.
Precision, devoid of destiny's decree,
No scheme, no strategy,
An escape from perplexity.

Particles obey, oppressed by dismay,
Chained in Heisenberg’s two-way play.
Position and momentum entwine,
An alternating, everlasting dance,
Part of uncertainty’s guideline.

Uncertainty, let the innocent electrons free,
For they are tired of thee.
Their duality is merely an unnecessary fee,
A curse that nobody should carry.
Trapped in a grueling quandary,
How can their choice be easy?

Living in the world rent-free,
With little to no worry.
Flowing through the airy breeze,
A mere windblown disease.

An uninvited guest, obscurity manifest,
A secret room, denied access,
A work in progress,
An (ether)worldly address,
Political unrest, Wild West,
An outlaw resisting arrest,
A pest that has come to infest.

A contract etched in transparent ink
Bereft of terms, out of sync,
Presented on table, lacking a label,
Such that not a soul is accept(able).

Yet unstable though the road may be,
In the shade of unmarked territory,
Dreams, hope, glory rest serenely.
Pain, doubt, agony decorate the journey.

So, as we march into ambiguity,
Led by purpose, unflinching tenacity,
Let the spirit of inquiry light our way,
Turning fantasy into reality.

Go away and depart with glee.
Will there ever be a remedy?
I cannot agree,
For just like everybody, uncertainty haunts me.


Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

About the author

Johny Zahlani is a student in the Pure and Applied Science program. His preferred pastimes consist of reading nonfiction, writing poetry, working out and playing soccer. He aspires to become a healthcare professional in the future and to help out in the community.

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