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By Amanda Beattie May 22, 2023

SPACE Phi Foundation Outing

In April 2023, two groups of students embarked on an outing to Old Montreal. In conjunction with the theme WHAT IF, the SPACE team brought the students to The PHI Foundation for Contemporary Art where they visited the Terms of Use exhibition. This group exhibition explores the manners in which technologies influence us as individuals but also as a collective whole, and questions how we live both online and AFK (away from keyboard). Students got to explore virtual reality, video works, and sculpture, among other media.

The outing included a one-hour guided visit, followed by a one-hour art workshop entitled I will never finish removing all these faces developed by artist Nadège Grebmeier Forget. The workshop involved a guided performance around the ideas or reflection and self-representation. The students really got into the workshop! Here are some of the results. Thanks to Joel Trudeau, Andrew Katz, Gray Swift Miles, and all of their students for making these outings so interesting and inspiring!

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Amanda Beattie teaches Art History at Dawson College and is Assistant Chairperson of the Fine Arts Department. She also writes for exhibition catalogues and art magazines.

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