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By Gabriel-Adrian Masujer March 26, 2021

Mont Royal

Orange sunset shines

on Mont Royal’s solid floors

as the hotness cools.


The wind blows away

green leaves into the city’s

buildings and its streets.


The clouds turn greyer

as the sun changes the sky

from blue to orange.


Distant fog covers

the houses far from Downtown—

building lights appear.


Day slowly descends

beneath the city’s surface—

night comes closer.


Twilight sets upon

dim lights on the forest hills—

insects loudly buzz.


The moon arises

as it brightens Mont Royal’s

white rocky surface.


Vehicles pass by

where their headlights can be seen

glowing from above.


Summer evening comes…

Leaving the mountain’s forest—

with light poles in view.

About the author

Gabriel-Adrian Masujer is a first year student in the Computer Science Technology program.


The photograph entitled “Mons Regius” by Gabriel Caparó is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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